CSR Policy

VOXCO is also committed to its corporate social responsibilities and have initiated a number of projects for the betterment of rural livelihood, health and education.

VOXCO one step ahead as a corporate social Activity

Reaching out to the community has been always a part of VOXCO’s philosophy and one of the way to reach out is by engaging in mini-project pertaining to livelihood, health, education environment for community development. VOXCO believes that any such mini-project initiated is not only the responsibility but it has to be sustainable initiatives.

VOXCO CSR members frequently visits the Schools & communicate with the students & teachers about the performance and as well as problems of students. In accordance to the discussions/meetings, necessary actions are taken.
For eg. In December 2016, the team visited the schools and came to know that during winter season particularly, environmental temperature drops down considerably & it becomes more hectic to students to attend school & perform properly due to much more cold. Committee immediately decided to distribute sweaters to students.

VOXCO organised sweaters distribution activity to the winter
condition affected students in school as a part of social activity.

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