Pigment Yellow 74 – 2 GSC & 5 GSC

Pigment Yellow 74 – 2 GSC & 5 GSC

Pigment Yellow 74 is a significant commercial pigment which is primarily and extensively used in the coating industries in water based, solvent based and air drying paints. It is also used in printing ink industry in water-based inks, solvent-based inks and paste inks.  
Monoazo Yellow pigments span the spectral yellow range from greenish yellow to reddish yellow with good light fastness and good tinting strength. It has greenish yellow tones that are midway between Pigment Yellow 3 and Pigment Yellow 1. The pigment is considerably stronger than and superior to all comparable monoazo yellow pigments. Commercially available Pigment Yellow 74 grades with a wide range of particle sizes, i.e., pigments with specific  surface areas between approximately 30 and 70 m2/g, are used primarily in the coating and colorant industry as well as in printing ink industry. 
They provide brilliant prints, which are brighter and more transparent than those of other monoazo yellow pigments. In terms of tinctorial strength, these Pigment Yellow 74 varieties reach the level of the similarly colored disazo yellow pigments, such as the slightly redder Pigment Yellow 12. 

Product Description

Structural Formula







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For some years, the paint industry has progressively focused on Pigment Yellow 74 kinds with very low specific surface areas of 12 to 20 m2/g and as a result, have relatively large particle sizes. These materials have strong hiding power and could be used as a substitute for Chrome Yellows in air drying systems. As a result of favorable pigment rheology, Pigment 

Yellow 74, concentrations in paints can be increased to even improve the hiding power without affecting the rheology, i.e. the flow properties, the ease of processing, or the brilliance of the product. Compared to transparent types with fine particle sizes, the opaque varieties are less brilliant, more reddish, and more lightfast and durable. They are also faster to various organic solvents, but their tendency to migrate is similar. 


            VOXCO has both the grades of Pigment Yellow 74 5GSC & Pigment Yellow 74 2GSC. 


Pigment Yellow 74 – 5GSC

Pigment Yellow 74 – 2GSC

Mono-azo yellow is a family of organic pigments. They are mainly used as decorative and industrial colorants due to their higher tinctorial strength.It has good rheological properties and suitable for Decorative Colorant applications.These pigments are usually transparent and having slightly greenerundertone as compared to Pigment Yellow 74 2GSC.

Pigment Yellow 74 2GSCalso comes under Mono-azo yellow family of organic pigments. They are primarily used as industrial colorants and in exterior paints due to their better hiding power. They are used in artistic oil paints, acrylics and water colours. These pigments are usually opaque with redder undertone as compared to Pigment Yellow 74 5GSC.



Powder                                                                Properties

moisture content

Max 1 %


Max 1 %


6 - 8

Residueon350 mesh

Max 1 %


Max500 µS



specific gravity




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