The Onus is on all of us

The Onus is on all of us

The world and particularly India is struggling hard to cope with the havoc caused by the latest strain of Covid-19. Instead of indulging in blame games, everyone needs to understand that the virus is above all of us. Today, it is causing havoc in India and Brazil, tomorrow it could be any other country infected with another mutated variant. The truth is that the nature of the virus is such that the whole world has been caught off guard. Even the best of experts failed to predict its next course. 
In the words of the Dalai Lama,  the Covid-19 pandemic has reminded us how interdependent we are: what happens to one person can soon affect many others even on the far side of our planet.  As human beings, we all share the same sorrows, hopes and potential.  
Therefore, it is up to all of us to try to cultivate peace of mind and think about what we can do for others, including those we never see. It is natural to worry and fear at a time when so many of our near and dear ones are suffering. But only by developing calmness and clear-sightedness we can help others and in turn help ourselves. The current global health crisis also reminds us, what affect humans has to be addressed by each and every one of us. The solution to this, and to many other problems, especially concerning the environment, depends on international co-operation. Ultimately, if humanity is to thrive, we must remember that we are united. 
The pandemic has significantly curtailed the way we interact, leaving end number of people increasingly isolated to vulnerable. While the pandemic has impacted all of us in different ways, it has magnified inequalities within society, and as a result, the most vulnerable groups in society have been disproportionately affected. 

On a positive note, the pandemic has helped us appreciate and value our loved ones. Getting all that quality time together has been a boost for many and people are discovering the positive impact that a higher level of emotional intimacy in close relationships can have on our wellbeing, with an increased willingness to invest more in our private relationships. 
At VOXCO we have leveraged smart technologies in our working practices particularly in the manufacturing facilities. This has enabled us to reduce workload and help our employees to focus and build their expertise on critical tasks; thereby improving efficiencies and productivity of our workforce. 
We have seen that our people are agile and adapting briskly to these unprecedented times. The way people have reinvented themselves is commendable. As soon as we had hit the lockdown, employees were able to recalibrate to the new working style quite seamlessly. In fact, we were pleasantly surprised, that even the team members whom we thought will find this new way of working a challenge, quickly unlearned and relearned.  
With a hybrid work model, we believe that the virtual collaborative platforms will be at the forefront. The core of employee experience will be to ensure employees feel connected, informed, and involved in a virtual space similar to the physical space. Technology enablement coupled with empathy and human touch is the key essential core philosophy of VOXCO. 
We at Voxco pride in following these tenets which are enshrined in our core values and further reiterate our commitment to further prioritize in fulfilling both the customer and employee needs. 

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